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About Us

We at “The Potter’s House” aim to work at moulding and shaping every individual’s life, preparing them to understand that, “they are the creators of their own destiny in this very competitive world.”

Our teachers are diligently trained to give students an insight into themselves and help enhance the uniqueness each child brings with them so that they are prepared for the real world, it is the best form of learning.

Bright Beginnings School was started by Ms Hina Sultan in 2011, with a dream to provide an environment which would influence the child’s cognitive, social and emotional development so that they can develop into well-rounded adults of tomorrow.

More than five years of prosperity, growth and the faith of parents in us, has yet again triggered us to take another step towards the progress and the wellbeing of our students. With that said, we proudly announce

“The Potter’s House Schooling System”


At “The Potter’s House” we groom, encourage and open a child’s exclusive mind to look beyond the conventional and ordinary. Alongside this, we facilitate our young scholars, “The Potterians” with an imaginative mind to enhance and create their thoughts into reality.


Our educational ideology is to impart knowledge and to ignite a strong bond with the students, teachers, and parents as a team to cater their academic requirements to the fullest.

We at “The Potter’s House,” believe in molding our children into distinctive, creative humans with high moral values and a strong sense of character as they are the future of not only this nation but the destiny of all our tomorrows. Therefore, in this lifetime, we endeavor on nurturing the very best in every child providing them with an enriched stimulating environment.  Apart from this, we cater to each child’s individual strength, creating a stable, consistent and joyful childhood experience.