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Potters House’s purpose built Pre-School system was established in 2015 by Hina Sultan to begin a new horizon in Pre-School Education. Importance of quality Pre-School education was once considered not vital a few years ago, but in due time Pre-School system has built confidence in the society because of the skills it develops in a child. The skills include some essential ones like, enhanced social skills, greater attention span, freedom to think and works as a great foundation to come up with new and bright ideas. The ability to listen, talk, work in groups will not help them progress in grade school but will create a long term advantage for them.To learn how to build resilience, handle challenges and develop basic social skills is necessary for development of a child’s mental, emotional and social development. We will The Potters house’s professionally trained staff and teachers will help your child settle right in from the first day. Our diversity is the key to our success, we are able to accommodate more than 120 students at our Clifton campus

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TPHSS stands for The Potter’s House Schooling System. TPHSS Pre-School has been very successful in incorporating learning with fun. With the help of these activities, children not only learn but also become better individuals. We strictly adhere to the core belief that education should be made comfortable and fun. The top management and teaching staff of TPHSS are thoroughly trained and qualified and deal expertly with children.

Education is something that helps a child to socialize, be a good human being and outshine in life. Hence, all parents want their children to get the best Early Childhood Education so that they can excel and thrive not only in their higher education but throughout life. If you are a new parent and searching for the best Pre-Schools in Karachi for your child, then the Potter’s house is the one you should consider sending your child to for a brighter future.

Potter’s House isn’t that old an institute, but the quality of education and number of facilities of this Pre-School are definitely up to the mark. The Potter’s house has the best facilities available for children that aid and help them become better and brighter leaners.

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Posted by The Potter's House Schooling System on Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Eligibility Criteria



AGE GROUP 1.3 TO 2.3

During this age, children are learning self-help and instructions following skills.



AGE GROUP 2.3 to 3.3

This is the standard where each child’s Fine and Gross Motor Skills are improvised.



AGE GROUP 3.3 to 4.3

This is where the child learns Jolly Phonics. Urdu language and even read out stories are introduced.



AGE GROUP 4.3 to 5.3

Our main focus is geared towards advanced concepts of literacy and mathematics.



AGE GROUP 5.3 to 6.3

2018-2019 will be our very first year with grade 1 where we aim on focusing towards a child’sconfidence building.



Parent’s Engagement

Behind every young child who believes in
himself is a parent who believed first.

We believe in a dynamic balance between a child’s relationship with the teachers and the parents through which a child’s personality is built. Therefore, we welcome interactive sessions with parents and their child, which helps them in being more proactive towards their child learning. These activities let the parents observe all “behind the scenes” sessions between the student and the teacher. We welcome Parents Empowerment, where parents are encouraged to assist in classrooms and present their creative ideas.

Activities & Events

Parent’s Feedback

Maryam Rehman

Maryam Rehman

Love Aunty Hina and her team!!! She is not just an educator or a teacher but a person who guides you and work on the child's needs individually to achieve better!! She is an amazing person known her almost a decade now!! Very hard working and enthusiastic about what she is doing!! All the best with everything!! Highly recommended!! Beautiful experience so far mA!!
Mona Arif

Mona Arif

Eshal's Mothers
I’m really lucky that my daughter Eshal has been in The Potter’s House for the past 2 years and will continue for more years to go Inshallah! At The Potter’s House my daughter has gained a lot which I think she would not have gained at any other institute! Hina is a very dedicated teacher who always keeps us updated about our child's progress and guides us as how to deal with kids!! Thank you Hina for your great efforts for Eshal wish u success in the upcoming years to go!

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